Working in Germany: What you should know
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Working in Germany: What you should know

Working is important in our life: Most of us work in a job to earn our money as an employee, as a civil servant, or running our own business. In Germany, there are a lot of regulations and laws that are good to know if you work here, and even if you are unemployed.

This website gives you the most important topics on working and jobs.

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: From accident at work to assessment center
: From bankruptcy to business trips
: From calling to creativity
: From decisions to drinking
: From earnings to exemption
: From false self employment to further education
: Generation 50 plus
: From heat to honorary work
: From illegal employment to itinerant business
: From job application to job sharing
: Kuenstlersozialversicherung
: From labour disputes to leave without pay
: From management of change to monitoring of employees
: From negotiating to notice
: From objective agreement to overtime
: From parental benefit to protection of employment
: From recruiting fairs to Riester-Rente
: From sabbatical to sunday work
: From team work to transfer of employees
: From underload to unsolicited application
: From vacation to voluntary work
: From warning letter to works outing

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